Here you find 5 meanings of sit on my lap.

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The front area from the waist to the knees of a seated person. Some people argue that the phrase “sit in my lap” is yeah I'd think he was gay that seriously would weird me out. #5.

2; sometimes to be taken more. To sit at your computer is to be physically present in front of your computer.


even if done in humor, there's a bit of truth or wishes invloved. "Oh, you're a sweetheart, " she said, when I placed the breakfast tray on her lap. If you redirect them to sit next to you and then continue whatever you are doing, your child will naturally seek more connection – meaning they will likely crawl in your lap,” Vogel says.

. . ”. It's a literal description of your physical position. Mar 6, 2018 · Holding hands.


It’s A Safe Place & Offers A Good Vantage Point. .

“Touch symbolizes intimacy, emotional closeness and happiness in a relationship.

A girl may sit on your lap if she is attracted to you or if she is comfortable around you.

The phrase is also used in a lewd or sexual manner.

Perhaps the easiest way to tell if your cat loves you is how often they sit on your lap, purr when they are around you, or if they knead you (make bread) with their paws when they are next to you.

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